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Hi there every one im, new here my name is john. I am pretty good with computer, i do all my repairs and some upgrades to my computer my self. Now there is just a few thing I dont know, that I was hoping some of you may be able to help me. Now my computer is a bit old. I have a PC100 Surfboard motherboard Socket Super 7 that has an AMD K6 processor @ 337 MHZ, 192 MB RAM, 9.54 Gigabyte hard drive, 64 MB Nvidia Detonator video card, CD drive etc. Now im runnign Windows XP Pro, it work pretty good, when you use the internet you cant tell much of a difference in speed just sometime when you download things. Its a fairly decent system I dont complain alot about it. Now im at the stage where I want to maybe upgrade a bit to bring it abit up to par, the max memory it will take is 512MB (2x256MB sticks) and I'm alright with that, Now since my computer is running at 337 MHZ I cannnot put an external hard drive because they need a minimum of 500MHZ processor. What I would like to know is what is the fastest processor I can purchase and install on my computer and what kind of Hard Drive would I also need to purchase (IDE, ATA, S-ATA, P-ATA)?
Whoa. And I thought MY computer was outdated :p

But as long as you're fine with it. I think you should update to the maximum your system would allow... I'm guessing... A second-hand socket 370 with a 1GHZ Pentium 3. Which would run you about 40 or 50 bucks. That way, you can keep your current RAM, and maybe add another 512 if you want.


SCRAP THE WHOLE THING. Sell it, set in on fire, bet it in your next poker game, whatever. And save up for a cheap Celeron system, which would run you about $400 bucks. But it would be upgradable to modern computer standards. As opposed to the K6, which is only upgradable with parts that aren't even made or sold retail anymore.
yeah well i have this old thing ive had the computer since moneth befire win xp came out, so i had to upgrade to win xp, but when i got it, hec it wuz pretty good, but now i need to upgrade for the time being, im might get a new computer either i will make the purchase or my parents will, but i want to bring it up to as best as i can. i live in toronto ontario canada so i know alot of computer stores and they have a few new Intel/AMD processors at a the speed of a p3 but do u know what other processors will fit into a socket super 7, preferably a AMD
The fastest thing that will fit into a socket super 7 is a K6-3. Which is about 500MHz. And is probably comparable to a 366MHz Pentium 2.

So I think you're better off getting a newer motherboard too.
well then if i have to get a new mobo i might as well get a new computer. but umm i know that a pentium will fit into the AMD super socket 7, do you recomend it being a good idea and get the newest possible p3 i can find that fits

Just rebuild the entire puter. I'll sell you a DFI infinity motherboard, and an AMD 3200+ venice processor for 160 shipped.
From what I know, the fastest Pentium that would fit into a socket 7 would be an old Pentium MMX 200MHz. Which would be a downgrade, if anything.

All Pentium 3's are either Slot 1 or Socket 370...
anyways then right now im planning to buy a new computer so i u guess theres no point on really doing any upgrades, what i might to do is just get 2 sticks of inexpensive PC-100 memory (256 MB) or at least one stick if i can find any brand new (i want to buy it from best buy/future shop or Staples Business/Office Depot 'cause they have the extended warranty avaliable, but they only have 128 Mb, worst case scenario ill just get the 128 MB remove the 64 MB stick from my computer and pop it in and have a total of 256MB) and a inexpensive IDE hard drive and install it on this computer and just give it to my sister to have, so she can do her school work (shes only 10 so she doesnt need the best thing, to her it would be the best anyways 'cause she'll have her very own computer. Let me ask you guys this will
PC-133 stick of memory work on a PC-100 mobo, ive herd stories that it does but im not sure it sounds kinda strange to me
Yes, you shouldn't have a problem running 133 on pc-100 board, in fact your doing worse then that, that amd k6-2 you have it running at 66mhz fsb, so your effectively running at pc-66. You can get cheaper mem online, and I recommend it because the old pc your running they'll run you over the coals in regular stores, and it will come with a lifetime warrenty for cheaper. As for ram size I don't know what your motherboards capacity is, it might only support 128 mb sticks, or it might be able to take 256mb sticks.

BTW I was around and building before that system even came out, so I'm a little more familiar then most. Highest intel processor you can downgrade to would be a 233 mmx running at 66mhz fsb. Highest amd you can upgrade to might be a 550 mhz k6-3, with a 100mhz fsb. However they wern't around for long so you probably couldn't find them. After looking around for a bit I couldn't find any k6-3, only the k6-2. The k6-3 gives better performance due to having onboard l2 cache, the only socket-7 to have onboard l2 cache. thats the best I can find with a quick search.

Please understand before you buy a new processor that you'll have to change 2 jumpers, 1 would be the FSB speed, and the other would be Multiplier. 550 would be 100 FSB, and 5.5 Multiplier.
alright thanks alot you were most helpful. with my mobo i can put up to 512 MB (2 x 256MB). Now will this site be able to ship memory to canada cause im located in toronto ontario, but uf not i kno alot of computer warehouse's where they sell parts for dirt ceheap i can get a microsoft optical mouse that sells for 50 dollars CND for 20 CND including tax and its brand new, same with a LG DVD burner w/Lightscirbe i can get it for 55 while stores will sell for like 200
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