Processor question


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I'm hoping you can answer my question.

I've got reletively limited knowledge in the computer department so it's fair enough that i was ripped off with an overpriced junk computer package.

It is now three years on and I want to upgrade, being sick and tired of my piece of trash..

Wanting to save money i hope to salvage as much as i can from my old computyer, mainly the tower, RAM and "Pentium 4 (2.8ghz) 800mhz" processor.

However at my nearest computer store, i was told that i am unable to get the nVidia 7600 GT video card that i wanted due to the fact that it's a PCI express card, and that i can't get a motherboard that has a PCI express slot if i'm planning to re-use my Pentium 4 (2.8) because it would be incompatible.

Basically i was told that i cant get a motherboard that has both a PCI Express slot and that can support my old Pentium 4.

Is this true? I personally am skeptical, but i would like to confirm this.