Process would appear in task manager...but program won't start


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This seems to happen randomly, especially if the program somehow froze and crashed. For example, I was just using msn, then it suddenly froze for no reason and I had no choice but to end task. Afterwards I tried to restart msn, nothing would happen (not even the loading light flashes), but the process msnmsgr.exe appears in task manager like normal. I ended the process, then retried, still doesn't work. This also happens with most other programs (ie, after this happens, I cannot launch any programs at all other than the basic windows-related ones like my documents). Does anyone know what's wrong? I did a virus scan with Symantec Antivirus and nothing came up...


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Have you restarted the computer. If not try doing was 4mattc says. Run malwarebytes and then run ccleaner and clean the computer.

Then let us know what happens.