Probs With Ti 4600 Card

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i just installed my new asus ti 4600 and i got a prob, everything installed fine drivers etc, i quickly ran n2k2 just to see what difference this card was going to make........50 fps??????????what????my old g2 mx400 go about that........then i checked my smart doctor a programme that comes with the card, it showed a warning " your motherboard ( mine is the MSI K7T Turbo VIA 133A chipset) is not supplying reliable 3.3 voltage............ the VDDQ meter at the top shows in red 1.56V...........too low.

i also noticed i dont know if this is my card options/information/bus type:AGP4X(current rate 1X)???????????

is this a prob

if anyone can give me some info id be so appreciative......cheers
Well, if your mother board isn't supplying the right amount of power, then that means the power supply isnt supplying the modo enough power. It could be a problem with the mobo, but Id go with replacing the power supply first, since its less expensive. Or if you have a friend with a spare power supply or somet, try running it with that one. It you encounter the same problem, its most likely the mobo.
Good luck getting everything working. Thats quite a nice card you have there.
Use a tool such as NVMax or Riva Tuner to force AGP 4x (1.5v), sideband addressing and fastwrites, if those are really necessary to you.

Check your power supply, along with your connections, as your motherboard/CPU/video card isn't getting enough juice there.

You may want to think about purchasing a higher-capacity PSU (at least 300w minimum) for a good supply.
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