Problems with wireless router on network

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Let me see if I can make sense here...

I have Bellsouth DSL, so I use a Westell 2100 modem. Since setting up the DSL, I have just had a Linksys 8 port Hub connected to the Westell to supply a signal throughout my house.

Several months ago I got a Netgear WGR614 wireless router so I could use my laptop wireless card at home. I followed the instructions included with the Netgear, but had a ton of problems accessing the Netgear admin pages when it was hooked to the network with the Westell. The only reason I know of for that is because both units are in the IP range. This was the case whether the Westell was set to PPPoE or bridge mode.
I also tried setting the Netgear up seperately...setting it up with my login etc, then hoooking it into the network, but could never get it to work.

I wound up just giving the Netgear the IP of and turning off its DHCP and using it as an access point and switch/hub. That's fine as it works for what I want. The problem is that once I change the IP of the Netgear, I can no longer access the admin pages. Typing into a broser just times out, so if I need to change any settings (I just recently set up WEP) I have to take the Netgear out of the loop, reset it completely and go in and make my changes and reset the IP out of the Westell range. This is a very time consuming process.

Why can't I access the Netgear by simply typing in the IP?
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