Problems with sound card. (CMI8738)


Beta member

I got Abit AI7 mobo.
I want to update my hardware with Live Theater 5.1 sound card, but the sound card don't work.
Actually sound card works great, but not with my PC.
I can install the sound card, but there are no sound.
When I run applications with sound, pc freezes for a few seconds.
I don't know where is the problem. Can you help me?
I have:
+ Updated mobos BIOS
+ Disabled onboard sound card
+ Cleared the cmos
+ removed all other PCI devices from slots.
+ tried to put the card in another PCI slot.

There ar no IRQ conflicts.
Actualy I have the same problem with my Avermedia Go 007 Tv card. It just don't work.
Sorry about my english.