Problems with online games on my wireless connection


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Okay, so this is my first post on here and I was looking for an answer to a problem that may be quite obvious. I recently built a new computer in order to play my games because my old one just didn't cut it. I placed this computer in different room as my modem, and it operates on a wireless USB stick (Linksys USB N Ultra Rangeplus WUSB600N) and I also bought a new wireless router to go with it (Also Linksys Wireless N [not ultra] Rangeplus). When I try to play games on this connection, it has very many lag spikes. The latency will normally run at around 70ms, but will spike to 400+ms very frequently. However, when I use my neighbors older Wireless G router (with permission) it keeps the same latency quite consistently at about 70ms. The signal strength on my neighbor's connection is very low, but still holds a connection better than my brand spankin new N router with a very good connection. His is across the street, and mine is across the house. BUT, during regular internet surfing, my connection works faster than his. My spikes only seem to occur when in an online game. Is there a setting I need to change on my router for it to play correctly? Is there something obvious I'm overlooking? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated as I would like to keep whooping butt with a good ping!

Methods I have used to try to resolve it:
Turned Wireless Zero Configuration off
Changed channel on router to channel 6 as it gave me the most strength of any channels

Moving the modem/computer is not an option, this one must remain wireless.

Thank you!