Problems with Ieee 1394 Driver

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I hope someone can help me out on this one. Ive just installed a new av/dv capture card for video, and I can not get the driver updated for the fire wire portion. The av drivers loaded fine but not the dv. It's supposed to be a OHCI1394 controller but everytime I try to load the driver I get the error message "the data is invalid". Ive researched this error for XP and have changed the registry to allow full control as stated in the fix for this but still no luck. Every time I try to load the IEEE 1394 or the OHCI1394 same error. Hope someone can help, not sure what to do next. Thanks in advance.:cool:
Sad but true, here is what I have found earlier about this:

This error is believed to be due to an issue occurring when hardware enumeration takes place by the operating system. The cause of the error is unknown.

Although no known solution has been documented, customers have noted that removing and reinstalling the operating system corrects this issue.

Thank's for the replys, Ive still had no luck getting this to work. I checked the links Microbell and I tried the solution from ramelectronics but to no avail. Cniv Ive also read that and that's what I'm afraid of. It took me a week to get XP up and running with no problems. I don't know if I want to go through that again. Thanks for the help guys,
the data is invalid

I have a similar problem, If you find a way around please tell. Thank

Everytime I try to install drivers for my sound card (onboard)
mobo: Abit IC7 MAX3. I get an error half way through driver installation that says "the data is invalid". Ive tried different versions of the AC97 drivers (A3.73 and A3.68) I have the ( version of the Mobo chipset drivers.

PC Specs:
WinXP Pro SP2
P4 3.0
Abit IC7 MAX3 (mobo)
2X512 Corsair CMX 512 4000PT
Ati GExCUBE 9800 pro 256MB version
36GB Raptor SATA
400W PSU
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