Problems Upgrading OS


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Hi there. ive got a problem with my OS atm.

Here is the run down of how my pc is setup and what i want to do to it.

Currently im running Vista Home Premium 32bit on a Raid 0 Stripe over 1tb(2x 500g).
What i want to do is have this copy of Vista Buininess 64bit on my system. However i would also like to have setup a dual boot with 1 or 2 linux distros also. I was thinking of buying a another hard drive (1tb or more) as a seperate hard drive so i could backup all my data

Now i was wondering. I didnt get supplied any CD's when i bout the PC with the pre-installed operating system. All i have is a restore partition for setting back to the factory settings which i presume has all the drivers on there.

If i was to backup all my data and do a fresh install with my vista buisiness will that restore partion become useless? or will i be able to access the data so i can get the drivers and so forth.

as it is atm i dont like this stripe option of where if one drive goes i loose all my data. so im wanting hte system setup so i have a backup and so i can multiple partitions.

any help / solutions / methods on how to sort this out would be greatley apreciated.

Thanks in advance