Problems opening web pages in new window.

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Hi today i installed ADSL broadband on my computer every seems to be well except when I click on links on web pages that open there links on a new window I get a blank browser window. This also occours when I right click on links and select open in new window.
Im using IE 6 on windows XP. I never had this problem when I was on dialup.

Thanks for any help.

have you checked the settings, to make sure that the it is set to open in a new window,???
like there is no setting to open links in new windows unless you want them to open or if it is coded.....

this problem shouldn't arise whatsover.
ll the IE settings seem to be set right. Nothing happens with the blank window it doesn't even show the address i was trying to access in the address bar :(


What version of IE is it? Some have been known to containt bugs such as you are seeing.

PS: My suggestion to everyone using IE, goto: and download their program. It uses the core of IE which you already have, and it allows you to tab browse as in mozilla, it also has a very very good built in popup blocker. I've never had a popup get by it.....It also has a little button on the bottom of the browser which you can turn off the blocker with great ease if needed. It has that and tons of other great features. Personally i love it, i tried mozilla, ie, netscape, opera and some others, but MyIE2 is the best browser I've ever come across......It works on Windows 98, ME, 2000, Xp (Not sure about 95).....And if it comes up with and error about a missin .dll which mine did cuz i use Win2000Pro. They give you a link to download that file too. In other words......IT OWNZ!
did the broadband provider require a software install? did this overwrite portions of your IE install?
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