Problems Getting Roxio 5 to work in 98se

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A friend of mine has asked me to install Roxio 5 to her computer. She is running Windows 98SE, so originally we put on Adaptec EZ-CD 4. When hitting the "record" button we got this error:
"There are no supported CD Recorders avaiable. Ensure that your CD-Recorder is powered on and that all cables are properly connected.
You may also need to update Easy CD Creator to recognise your CD Recorder.
To update" do this.....

Well I updated the thing by following the link and filled out this form so I get spam mail for the rest of my life, and the thing didn't work, still get the same error.
Her burner isn't THAT new, its a Sony 24x, don't have the model number off-hand but I think maybe I could find it again if I had to.
Now after updating I think that maybe its something real simple because it should be a supported burner. Nero has a "Choose Recorder" thing and I assumed there would be one in this software but I can't find it. (she has 2 cd rom drives).
Anyone have any suggestions on what I should try next.
Thanks guys-

Edit: Model # is CRX175E which is supported:
I had similar problems with the 5, couldn't get it to work at all. (I am also running 98SE). I did manage to install Platinum but it made the system very cranky and quite often gave me the blue screeen of death when trying to eject my cds. There is a driver package available for platinum which may help with your 5 problem. I really don't see why the 4 isn't working, the four is what I have reinstalled and it works fine, no blue screens, no complaining os. Maybe try just installing nero on your friends system and get the upgrade that brings it up to nero express. It doesn't have the complete convenience of Direct CD, but it does allow you to add to disks as you go. It may take more memory and a bit longer to burn but I have found it makes superior disks and haven't made a single coaster yet with it, and the 98SE doesn't complain about it at all.
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