Problems backing up GTA:Vice City

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I am trying to back up my copy of GTA:Vice City for PC and as yet I have failed. Miserably. The setup CD works fine but when it comes to playing it, the little CD icon spins but then stops. Anyone with any information regarding copy protection etc PLEASE REPLY ASAP. Right. Good. :(
What software are you using to copy?

You might wanna try CDRWIN.

it has never failed, my friend told me of course - ;-)

you could also try a NoCD patch/crack downloadable from........somewhere.

hope that helps,

Don Fudleone
R u trying to backup the original game , or a pirated copy ?


what software r u using to burn ur cd(s)...let to me know plz
If ur using the built in CD-burning software of the WinXP...!!! dont even think about making a copy of a game cd ...;)

Don , suggested CDRWIN , which is great but its really sucks in its setup ..and takes much time ( u should burn at 1x ) to overcome the cd protection !!!!!!

try using clone cd v. ...its easy to use and powerfull
Clone Cd

In response to all:

Im using Clone CD v.4.0 I do own the orignal copy which I paid for and as fasr as I know this is legal?

I can copy the CD ok just the play CD stalls and won't work (as stated above) Im not a moron :p and I have tested this on some other systems. It just seems to be my own ineptitude.
i have the vice city game and a crack for it but it doesnt work and my firends use the same crack and it works whats the deal?
you are a fool, thats the deal. You can't copy a exe file out of an image if you havnt put it in an image drive first. (BTW if you are not drummeronfire you may wonder how i knew that was the problem, dont worry)
:confused: iv'e backed up gta:vc and the installation cd dosn't run. im running xp o/s and iv'e had it updated i duno can some1 help
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