Problems (AGAIN)


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As most of you know i am having serious difficulties with my comy, now it keeps crashing, (Freezes have to use the power button to shut down) I am not running too much i dont even have kazaa, i cant see it being a virus as i only reinstalled 2 days ago and i havent been on much, wat would u reccomend doing about this.


have u reforamtted?
not sure if this will work but try right clicking on my computer>>>properties>>>>>performance>>>>>Graphocs
or sumthing liek that?


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I found the problem, i rang up my service providor and found out that it was a virus which after you reformat and connect to the internet on a high speed connection it automatically loads itself onto your system, I cant believe it for the first time in my life i have rang BT and got a decent advisor :D, BTW i just reformatted and put on a firewall before i connected to the internet, i reccomend sygate firewall it is free and it is fab :D

~mr mixx~

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yeah, when you do a fresh install of windows, it's a good idea to boot-up in safe-mode w/internet.

then make shure all spyware is in place, anti-virus, then go to microsoft and do all critical updates before going on the net in normal boot.

i'v allway's knew this was important...


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Yea thanx for the advice ppl, i know wat to do now-it is super annoying having a lame internet connection :D