Problems after re-installing windows XP Pro SP2


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Afternoon fellas,

I need your wealth of knowledge once again.

I have just installed SP2 and it has installed itself onto my data drive (my spare disk) and not onto my main c drive. I have no idea why it would have done this. If i try and reinstall will it wipe all the 200GB of data on my spare drive?

Secondly, i can't start up the computer without having teh windows disk in my disk drive. Whenever i try and start without it it just freezes.

Any ideas what to do? I'm stumped.

Thanks in advance gang.



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If you already installed it onto the spare drive with all the info, then it formatted it and deleted the information. While installing windows, it asked you what drive and partition to install windows on, there you should have selsected the main drive. Sorry bud.