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Hi guys, this is probably a dumb question but I'm trying to zip a folder on the c drive and I'm not having much luck. I'm running Vista and when I try to zip a folder it tells me I'm not allowed to do it at this location. It does give me the option of doing it on the desktop, but I need the folder to have a specific path, which is why I want to do it on the c drive. Any info on a way around this would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry but you do realize that where you zip it up means nothing right? It doesnt matter what path you have to zip it up cause it matter where it is extracted that counts. So you can zip it up on the desktop or any where else you want. But make sure that the person that is getting it knows where it needs to be placed to operate properly.

Along with that, if it is a program, you are not going to get anywhere cause you will be missing the profile information along with the registry information.
Thanks for the response. I'm new to this and it was my tutur who told us to save everything on the c drive.When I zip it elsewhere and send it,the solution page is lost. The folder contains very basic vb programs.He only wants the .vb file anyway,which is intact and thats ok for the moment, but I just wanted to know for myself if there was a reason why I cant zip a folder on the c drive.Thanks again for your help.
The C:\ Drive is protected. It is the main system drive. So it is protected from being archived (zipped up) due to the fact that you could accidentally archive a file or folder needed by the system and cause a total system failure.

So Microsoft has prevented people from being able to do certain things on the C:\ drive for this very reason. You will have to tell your tutor this and ask them how you can get them the work another way. With Vista and Win7 with the new UAC (User Account Control) many actions that were allowed to be done before can't be done anymore. This is one of them.

Last thing to try. What program are you using to zip up the file? WinRar or WinZip? Which ever one you are, go to the Start Menu and find it. Right click on it and select Run as Admin. Have the actual interface come up and then choose to archive the file from within the program. See if that helps.
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