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I am having a very strange problem with my trash bin. The problem is that, when I try emptying my trash bin an error messege comes up saying that I cant empty the trash bin because a Folder called Dc7(I never created a folder with this name in my computer) is not empty, and cant be deleated. And when I open the trash bin I dont see any files in it, eaven with the option to see hidden files, I still see nothing in the bin. I have already made a virus scan in the HD, also I ran a full scan disk and the problem is still there. I am using Win Xp Pro. If anyone knows whats going please tell :confused:
I searched for the Dc7 folder, odly enough the computer didint find it, or anything related to it. Isnt there any other way to empty the trash bin? Im prety sure there is somthing there, but I dont see it and I cant restore whatever is there to see what kind of file this is. I dont think its any type of spyware since I dont use software related to that.
Its completly blank, as if there was nothing in the bin. But I see that the icon of the bin is idicating there is something inside, and when I right click it to erase everything inside, it asks me if Im sure I want to deleat evrything inside, I click yes, and that error messege comes up saying that its not posible to dlete a Dc7 folder because its not full.

This is a veeeery bizre problem, and now evry time I switch the pc on, the computer goes directly to sacn disk saying it has to verify the disk, it dose the basic scan of three steps, and then finds nothing to be wrong. i already tried the 5 step scan but that also didnt find anything

Im gona try a disk defragmentation, and then see if I can delete the file, or if after defrag the scan disk can detect something
it could be that some program (or any other file or spyware program) in the DC7 folder is running, and Windows will not let you delete anything that's being used.
try closing EVERYTHING in the Task Manager (except system programs like Explorer and SvcHost) then deleting it.
if this doesn't work then run a spyware remover program
it doesn't sound like a virus. it's probably an access violation, something else is using that folder or file. reboot your computer and try emptying the trash again.
I think the dc7 folders belong to the email client Eudora. If you do have eudora on your system then it sounds like this is your problem (its using the files stopping you emptying it).

Another cause of misery on XP Pro and the Recycler (stopping you emptying it) is any Norton apps (NAV, NIS etc) that try and protect the Recycler *for your own good*.

I found a good way to view whats *really* in the Recycler is to fire up Nero Express and pretend to burn a Data disk, select the Recycler (from My Computer, C drive) and hey presto all the files become visible.

Note, if you have reinstalled XP (via a live install) at any time the old Recycler bin files will still be there eating up your HD space without you knowing it (Norton really knows how to balls things up)!

If Norton is causing the problem DELETE the Recycler from Explorer and on reboot xp will re-install it (empty). You will need to be logged on as the Admin.

I had the same problem. The DC7 folder was created with a number of blank subdirectories which could not be deleted. I deleted the top level, DC7 and could not empty the recycle bin afterwords.

To remedy the problem I went to the command line (start, run, 'cmd' on XP or start, run, 'command' on Win98).

Then to the root of C by typing 'cd .\'

Then typed 'dir /a:d' to display only directories

I moved to the "RECYCLER" folder by typing 'cd RECYCLER'

I then displayed all the files, including the hidden ones by typing 'dir /a:h'

There were two folders with realy long names like "S-1-5-21-2161807...."

I then typed 'rd S-1-5-21-2161807 /s' which removes directory trees (in otherwords the folder and sub folders)

Viola! My recycle bin was back within my control!

This is a rather old thread, so you may have either solved the problem or given up by now, but I hope this helps!

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