Problem with showing up on Google


Daemon Poster
I work for a local business in town and the website of the company that I work for does not show up on google no matter what, even when I type in the exact company name. Now, the company facebook page (which is the first listing) shows up, next to our eBay account and even Google+ account, but there is no
www.(companyname).com in the google listing. I have gone 3-4 pages deep in google and still nothing.
The weird thing is when done in Bing, Yahoo Search, and DuckDuckGo it shows up first. And it is in the top 4 on all three other search engines when you type in music store and the name of the city.

Why does it not show up in Google, but on the rest? We have a Google Business page with ratings and we regularly update our website with new content.


Wizard of Wires
1> Check the htaccess page to make sure legit search bots have not been blocked. The webmaster may have blocked them all by mistake.
2> Open a google webmaster tools account and submit the site.
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