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HI, i been having a problem with my pc, for some reason almost every time i shut down my system for the night then when i turn it on the next day it crashes. when, I try to start it up the next day windows 7 aways wants me to start the system from a restore point it says there was a problem during start up, However this never happens when i just restart my computer on when i do a shut down. Anyone know what this problem is or how i can fix it?
I have never experienced this problem before....but I would suggest you try a fresh install and see if the problem persists....
i did do that once and the problem still occured. I will try to restall windows again and hope that the problem will stop
nope it didnt work systme still messed up. and now when i move my mouse around like searching the the internet or playing a game my curser will freeze once and ahile like a lage spike then right after it i hear a small beep... any ideas what this could be?
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