Problem with modem and Win XP

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I'm working with a Toshiba laptop running Windows XP Home, with access to the Internet through the laptop's internal 56K modem.

From time to time, the blue taskbar turns white (it certainly looks like a system failure, or at least that Explorer is being restarted). This causes the Internet connection to be lost. All aplications that are using it then attempt to open a new one. However, the connection isn't really closed, and hence the dial-up application says the modem is busy (or the port open).

In reality, the old connection remains open (even if completely apart from the system). You can even hear the data transmission if you have a phone set connected to the same line. The icon on the taskbar remains, but any attempt to open the properties tab or disconnet fails. The connection also shows up as active in the Network Connections folder, and in the Task Manager. No conventional form of closing the connection that I've tried works. The connection remains open, but no aplication or device has access to the internet.

Question: Is this a known issue? Is it likely to be resolved with XP SP1? Any know solutions to prevent this from happening?

If the problem cannot be prevented, then how do I deal with it? Is there a non-conventional way to close the faulty connection (I didn't idetify the exact proceses in the Task Manager)?

It really is very annoying if I need to restart the computer, since I may have several different applications running.

Thank you very much in advance.
Hello jcr3. It sounds as though you might need to update the drivers for the enternal modem.

Do you know exactly what type of modem it is, other than enternal?
How old is the laptop?

Thanks Guy...

My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite 1005-S157. I bought it over 1 year ago. The only thing I can say is that the modem and the software intalled are all I got from the manufacturer.

There's one thing I need to clarify. I don't think the problem is necessarily with the modem, because this type of system failure I explain also happens when not connected to the Internet or when I use a network card/LAN. The difference is that I don't lose the connection when using the LAN.
Hi jcr3
I know it's a year later, but I've also just encountered the same problem, which also seems to affect my soundcard (Toshiba SP2100 laptop, Yamaha soundcard, internal modem).

Did you have any success in solving the difficulty? I've loaded what I think are the latest drivers, but still seem to have problems.


Chances are your modem is a PCMCIA card right? I have seen this before and it seems to be popular with Laptops. Now its been a long time since i have fixed this problem, but I believe its an issue with the the PCMCIA bus. Go to your Laptop manufacturer website and see if there are any new drivers for the motherboard.
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