problem with limewire/java runtime environment

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Hi, recently whenever I've tried to open Limewire, I've gotten a "Limewire Launcher Error" that tells me

"Limewire was unable to launch the Java Runtime Environment. Please download and install a new version from"

I proceeded to download a newer version from the site, however in the midst of installation I got another error (as seen in this screenshot i uploaded):


and henceforth was unable to continue with the installation process.

I'm unsure as to what this error means, and was hoping someone here could help me solve the problem.

Looks to me like you are trying to install an update to the 1.5 runtime environment. try following this link and choose "Download J2SE JRE"

it is only version 1.4.2 but this is still more widely used than 1.5 at the moment

alternatively if you are desperate for 1.5 go to here and choose "Download JRE 5.0 Update 3"

At the moment i am still coding in java 1.4 and so are most other people until 1.5 is nice and stable anyway.
Close both programs, get the new java, then install java. Then open limewire and see how it is. I didnt know that Limewire required java, goes to show you I don't use the program. :) Good Luck.
Oh, it does. make sure you are using the newest version of li mewire as well.. or else it won't work right..
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