Problem with AGP 4x

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<SOLVED>Problem with AGP 4x<SOLVED>

Here is the problem.
I have a L7VMM mobo which supports AGp 4x. I got a ATi Radeon 9000 Pro. It never detects it as 4x always runs on 2x. I looked every where in AWARD BIOS and CMOS. No option to change it to 4x. I even tried the SMARTGART feature bundled with ATi Control Panel.
Is there any other way to solve this issue?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thx in advance.
Sorry abt the typo.

I meant it never detects it as 4x and it always runs at 2x.
Have you tried other tools such as PowerStrip to enfore 4x transfer?

I generally don't find it too much of a deal, as there's practically no performance difference between 2x and 4x - my older VIA Apollo Pro 133A mobo, whenever coupled with a Radeon card, would require AGP 4x to be set manually through the BIOS setup.
Doesn't ATI cards come with that adjustable setting in the display properties, where you can choose 2x, 4x....?
I have tried PowerStrip and when tried to check the 4x option
It says its not supported by the mobo. I am 100% sure mobo supports 4x.
Yes it does have it. Its called SMARTGART and when changed to 4x it asks to reboot. After reboot goes back to 2x. (never changes to 4x)
Is there a jumper setting on the video card itself?

Can you give some more system specs?
I am not sure about the Jumpers on the Vid Card.

System Specs.

AMD 1600 XP+
VIA KM 266
384 RAM
ATi Radeon 9000 Pro 128 MB
OK, well, I went to a few sites to take a closer look at the card and it doesn't have onboard jumpers to change the settings.

I don't know exactly the trouble yet, but I will keep looking. While I am doing that, check a couple things:

1. That you have the latest drivers from ATI.
2. That in SMARTGART, you have it set to 4X, definatly.
3. That you have disabled the onbaord video through BIOS, if applicable.
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