problem with a computer to stereo reciever hook-up

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ok so fat this is whats going on.

i got a generic sound card, and from that i have a STEREO jack with 2 red and white cables on the other side of that.

then those are plugged into a ground loop isolator which is then plugged into my reciever.

then from the reciever to the speakers.

now heres the problem, only one speaker will put out sound, the left side. so i plugged the one without sound into the other left side output. and it works, cept its only the high and mid, the low speaker wont hit.

first i thought it was the soundcard(i was using the on-board sound and i thought it was messed up, so i bought the soundcard)

then i thought it was the reciever, but i upgraded the reciever and it still wont work.

i havent been able to test anything with just a regular stereo set-up.

i have no idea what the problem is, so any help is appreciated
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