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Whenever I boot my computer, and when it starts Windows, it will show : "Saving settings......", and it will auto reboot the computer. I tried starting Windows in Safe Mode, but the same problem occured. No such problem ever occured on my computer, and I am not sure whether is this a virus threat or whatever...

When i inserted 2 HDD, one of them was mine, and the other one was my brother's, which was the Master, while mine was the Slave. It started normally and everything was perfect. I ran a virus scan on my drives, and deleted the virus found. When i boot my HDD alone, the same problem occured.

Can anyone kindly explain to me what is this problem about and how to solve it?
Nope, that's not the problem. I tried repairing using the XP disc and the same thing happened, even in Safe Mode.
Which repair did you do? The first time it asks or the second. They are different repairs (obviously when starting the disk in DOS). Do a repair the second time it asks. Otherwise, format both HDD's
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