Problem w/ Webcam! Im Lost

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OK Guys, here it is...

I have 2 webcams in boxes and decided to use the older one that was out even before XP was out! (Im using XP Every sinse almost 1 month before public release date so I've been using XP For quite some time) and I hook it up to my back USB port from my motherboard and install everything and you know how it goes. So then I go to do a Webcam and open it and theres all problems so I uninstall it, take it out and put it away! Then I do the other one and it is BRAND NEW! It won't work either! It doesn't pop up an install and the way it cant install it manually without automatic pop-up which it did not do! :(

My Conclusion:

I feel it is my USB on my SOYO K7V Dragon Board (Im not sure)

PC Specs:
AMD Athlon XP 1900+
SOYO K7V Dragon Motherboard
512 Megs DDR Ram
GeForce4 Ti 4200 128Mb
48x16x48 Cendyne CD-RW
80 Gig Hard-Drive
450 Duel Fan Powersupply
5 Extra Case Fans

^I know you didn't need all of that...just wanted to include it :D
All of Those are correct...Switched to other USB Port, Still No work...Camera Listed on MS Capatablitity - TRUE...Remove other Camera software - TRUE
Thats the problem! It doesn't detect it and its not in device manager! Its a unknown device and then when I try updating the driver to make it known it says cannot find any recent drivers although its right there on CD and thats where I put it to look for drivers
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