Problem Setting-up Windows XP

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Hi all
I am a newbie who has today upgraded from 98SE to XP. My problem relates to setting-up my cable modem (I do not have any other computers connected). This computer connects directly to the internet.

I have set up all the IP addresses/Gateway etc and these seem OK. The status and Icon is also OK. However, I cannot connect to my ISP even after going through the trouble shooting guides and setting-up procedures countless times.

I think my problem is with 'names'. In 98SE I had a Host Name and a Domain Name. Where are these entered in XP? I also had Microsoft Family Log-in. Is this necessary in XP?

I hope someone can help. Fortunately I have my laptop to use at the moment.

Many thanks
You can put your host, domain stuff back into the IP configuration. Open Control Panel, go to classic mode so you can see the Network icon. Open that and check the properties for the network card. Open the TCP/IP properties when you get to it. From there, my brain blanks out but it should be in one of those tabs or under Advance...
Hi Chopper

Thanks for that. Easy when you know how!!

Advice much appreciated.
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