Problem sending files when sharing cable connection

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I am on a standard cable modem connection. I can send and receive files fine when I am wired directly into the cable modem. When i run the cable modem into the WAN port on my linksys 4 port switch and share the connection between 2 pc's I can connect to the internet with both machines, download files just fine, but when I attempt to send a file ( i have tried several ways, through instand messenget file send, through MIRC DCC, etc...) It will not allow me to do so.

Any thoughts? As soon as i remove the switch from the network and connect directly it works fine. Should i try another switch? Or is my setup incorrect?
There must be a Firewall installed on the Router. See the instruction manual or call the manufacturer of the router for help on turning it off.
Yes, and if you wish to use the firewall while doing such activities, consult your manual as well, for information on port forwarding/opening.
lol, yea, I meant to say that, I work in Broadband tech support, and with my customers, I dont even suggest that.

It turns into a 3 hour call.
The linksys are funny routers to play with... i had one and i dont use it sell the thing if i knew someone would buy it.
I went out and got the new netgear router instead, and it supports my mac that i have also.
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