Problem! Inacessable Boot Device!


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Ok, theres never been a computer problem i havn't been able to fix but now im completely stumped.

I'm running 2 hard drives, and i think its the master (with my operating system + programs on it) the other just has music and movies... yeh i think its the first that has the problem.

The problem is when i boot up my computer, just before it gets to the desktop it shows and blue screen with a similar error to this...

Check for viruses on your computer, remove any recently installed hard drives/controllers and make sure they are properly configured/terminated. Run chkdsk /f for hard drive corruption and then reset.

Cool eh? Well, i can run the hard drive as a slave fine in my brothers computer and access/run music off it, which makes me think it could be my other hard drive with the problem.

ok an overview of what ive tried already:

1. using it in another computer
2. running scan disk
3. removing all drivers from winnt/system32/drivers
4. a couple of changed bios settings but nothing extreme

heres what im going to try next,

1. run my other hard drive in another computer
2. scan it
3. search the internet for this problem, lol

PLEASE, help me, im desperate lol.
Thankyou for reading the long thread, ANY suggestions will be very welcome.


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Well my second hard drive had corrupted some how :/ so i deleted the partition but my computer still wouldnt boot - i still got the error,

so i used the win 2k boot up disks to remove windows 2k installation and reinstall, it seems to be working fine now.

i still dont know what caused the problem, very strange.

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Your computer isn't able to access the boot partician on your boot drive ergo the message. Either the harddrive settings are incorrect for the harddrive-solved by selecting auto, or there is no longer a boot partician, or your drive is broken. Some virus's delete boot particians. In your case the boot partician was corrupted or deleted-when you used the rescue disk it put it back.-not so strange really its fairly common


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computerfreek, you need to boot up computer with win xp disk and select recovery console. then when at the command prompt type "fixboot" , press enter. then type "fixmbr" then press enter again. finally run chkdsk and reboot.