Problem formating Sata 160 GB HDD


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Hello i have just bought a new graphics card for my computer but my mother board was not good enough to run it due to it didnt have pci express 2.0 in it so i went out and bought this bundle

Then i noticed on the graphics card it said it needs a 500 watt power supply to run so i googled and it turns out 400 w is the real recommendation so i got a xpower 400w psu

then my HDD ide would not boot up from the drive so i got a Sata HDD 160 gb and hooked it all it up it now detects it all but still doesn't run and now the cdrom wasn't detected so i could not put the xp disk in and format the new drive

the old Ide HDD already had windows xp formatted onto it freshly
ive tried booting up the computer up using floppy disk and USB but they both need CDROM (Which is not detected) to be found


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if everything worked b4 you put in the new graphics card then i seggest taking the new one out, put the old one back in and just see if it boots then, if so then 400w might not be enough power because even though it reccomends 400w dont forget about your other computer parts need power as well.