Problem connecting to the router


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Hey all!! Ive been having a problem with my router for the last 2 days. It was all working fine before. I use a Speedtouch 510v6 modem and TRENDnet TW100-S4W1CA 4 port broadband Router. And my connection type is a PPPoE.
Heres the case:
I needed to check my modems settings so I disconnected my router and connected my modem directy to my laptop. (i went online to check the settings, and it was working well). When I connected my router back and wanted to check its settings from online, i coulndt connect to But internet was working fine:confused:

So I reset the router it. And that didnt help. So I restored the routers deafult settings (I hope it was the right thing to do). and that didnt work either. From there on the internet is down aswell. Cant connect through the router (but i can when using only the modem, so the connection is working..something wrong with the routers settings)

I reconfigured my router as it was said in the TW100-S4W1CA configuration book. Shut my pc, modem and router down and then back again. Checked my TCP/IP settings. They are on "obtain an IP address automatically". And then the book said that my windows ip configurator should show this:

it said that if the IP-s are following, my PC has succesfully connected to the router.

IP 192.168.0.x
Gateway: 192.168.0..1.1:confused:

so i opend RUN----ipconfig/all, and thats what i got

Windows IP configurator

Ip Routing is enabled
Wins Proxy is not enabled

DHCP enabled


The book said that if the IP is not the same, restart everything and try again. I did..twice, but it didnt .. i dont know what else to do. Now i can go to the online router configurator, but other internet is down.

My cables are all working fine, i reset my TCP/IP just in case (read it in some forum) and my firewall is off, and i installed latest firmware to my router :)D i dont know if it helps or not)

Now my head is completly empty so any help is appreciated!!!!:eek::confused:

Thank You ....