Printing problem in Outlook

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Here is one for you. One of my fellow techs asks:

I have a user who cannot correctly print anything that has been cut and pasted into an email (i.e., graphics, tables, etc.). When he prints, it prints out little “boxes” with a red x in them. He has tried printing to multiple printers. I can print the email out on my printer, as well as on his printers when I connect to them from my machine. So I’m guessing it’s some sort of setting in Outlook possibly? I’ve already reinstalled Outlook on his PC.
It sounds like they're coming from an internet or intranet location that is currently not availible on the network that you're on.

I'd save the image first and then load it into Word or whatever editor you're using :)

Yeah, I am assuming that the customer probably has a lot of emails with pasted images in them. I thought it may have been an internet setting, that prevents images from being printed because of the way that Outlook uses IE to display images and HTML....
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