Printer Sharing probems (on network)

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I have just set up a small network using a Cat5 crossed cable. I have two nic cards in the main PC one used for my cable modem and the other to network to my other computer.

However when I set up the printer on my other computer and it trasfers the needed drivers from the main computer they get corrupted along the way, and when I try to print from my other computer it tells me that my Epson is not installed on my main computer. When I changed the drivers on the other compuer and told it to use drivers of another epson model it worked!!!

However I'm not happy with the way my other computer is set up to run the printer on different drivers because the print quality is not coming out very well.

Can anybody help me with what I should do to try and get my other computer to accept my proper printer drivers? Or better what is the best way to set up a printer on a small home network (ps I do have file and printer sharing enabled and i can access the printer from any computer however on the main computer it works well, on the other computer which is sharing the printer it gives me that error message).

Oh by the way I am running WIN 98 second edition on both PC's, using 10/100mbit PCI nic cards.
One idea would be to get a router involved. Setup the printer so that it works attached to a computer.
Run a network cable from that PC to the router, from the other PC to the router, and the cable modem to the internet/WAN port on the router. Enable print/file sharing and put both computers in the same workgroup.

Good Luck
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