printer problems with Win XP and IRDA


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Hi, I'm new here, looking for help on my Canon BJC-50 with an IRDA port (Canon no longer provides support for this). I'm using an Avaratec laptop (fairly new) with Win XP - installed the IRDA thru the internet (windows searched for the driver) and it runs a BJC-80 fine - but won't run this 50 model. I took another laptop (Dell) with WinXP, and and IRDA and it runs the 50 fine - so the problem is in the Avaratec. We deleted and reinstalled the printer, etc. all the settings are the same on both laptops as far as we can tell -using the IR (local port) and the default settings - - -the problem is that when you send a document to the printer, the window comes up saying "insert paper and click OK" which is normal for that model of printer but when I move the cursor over to click on OK, it switches to 'working mode' and you can't click on it - you can click anywhere outside the window, but not the OK in the window - so nothing prints until that gets clicked - what's the problem?? The other laptop doesn't have that same issue - it runs the 50 fine thru the IRDA - - - thanks for any suggestions and help...