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I have a problem with my epson stylus C82 running on my windows xp machine.
When I first installed it (either with the driver on the CD, or the newest xp driver from epson site), I tried to test how it prints. It started to spit out pages uncontrolably, some empty, some with just a few sentences, some with sentences over other sentences. Basically it was messed up. When I restarted it, no matter how many times, after windows loaded the PC either froze after a few seconds or the PC restarted unexpectedly. I berely managed to use system restore and to restore it to an earlier time.
After that I installed the printer again, but the same problem persisted, so I used the system restore again.

I went to the store where I bought the printer but the guy told me to call epson, since he is confident the problem can be resolved without exchanging the printer. He said that there is some driver issue or something, or that some additional settings need to be set so that the computer can talk properly to the printer. It's saturday so I can't call now, and I was wondering if any of you guys know what the issue might be.

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If it's USB ther eshould be No problem.. I have a Epson Stylus 777 and Not a problem.. But i bleive it could be a driver problem. I use to have a Hp Deskpro and it went nuts like that..
Printer Issue with CanonC555

I am also having a printer issue. I have a Canon C555 multipass printer. I downloaded the new driver for XP, and now I am getting an error message about cannot run, need to start MPService....I don't know what I should do. Any help?:confused:
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