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I have a few questions about my printer's ink cartridges. I have a Canon Pixma TR7520. For years, regardless of the model, I have been buying 'knockoff' replacement cartridges online. Even decent 'knockoffs' can be a bit pricey it seems, especially for the printer model I have.

Most recently, I have been using Office World cartridges that I have bought online. Are they refillable? Would it be more economical for me to buy bottles of replacement ink? If so, will they work with the New World 'knockoffs'? In other words, I don't want to buy bottles of ink only to find out that they are not refillable or the printer will not accept them after they are refilled and reinstalled. Or the other issue is that I might have to buy a pricey device so that they become recognizable / usable.

Any advice would be helpful. I assume that refilling my 'knockoff' cartridges will be no different from refilling the original Canon cartridges that cost the most.

If you can suggest the best alternative for me based on my printer model (Canon Pixma TR7520), that would be great! THANKS.
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