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Computer for sale or trade NEW PARTS!


I have a custom computer that I am selling to someone a little more experienced than me, so here are the specs:

-MSI K8T W/ an AMD Sempron64 2800+. Bought at CompUSA for 150 w/ replacement gurantee.
-NVidia GeForce 5500 O.C. 256mb graphics card. Bought New at Wal-Mart for 89.99.
-Unknown case, but it's new with some smudges and whatnot.
-PNY 1024mb (1GB) DDR333/PC2700 Ram. Bought at Circuit City for 105.99.
-LG DVD/CD-RW combo. Came with our old computer. works good, still very quiet.
-Unknown media card reader. Comes with 2 USB 2.0 slots.
-Mitsuni 3 1/2 Floppy drive, very old, but functional.
-Western Digital 40GB HDD, works great, and no dead partitions.
-mouse and keyboard, both used, but functional
-HP pavilion 17" CRT monitor, used, but functional
-300watt ATX PSU. Bought new at CompUSA for 40

All these items were bought new less than a week ago, except for the used ones of course.

The reason I'm selling, is because I'm a newb at putting together custom computers, and I think I'd rather just buy a new computer and customize it, if you know what I mean.

There's nothing wrong with this system at all, physically, although I think there are a few bios options to level out, but that's nothing to the experienced comp geek..LOL

I'm looking for about $350 dollars US, or a trade for a computer that is of equal value and is proven to be running well enough for me to install XP and get going just like that, or a laptop. I am willing to throw in a PSP if the deal is good enough.




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Around $300 - $400ish? That sounds like a reasonable price for a system like that (due to the 1gig of RAM). What do you think? Maybe a bit more or less.