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I'm in the process of creating a site and am primarily working with resolution problem of my site at the moment. I've finally come to the solution of using a table-layout in fixed mode using style sheets to prevent the expansion of my table, but notice when the window is resized, the site looks horrible. So, to correct this, I would like to prevent the resizing of my primary window. I know in JavaScript you pass the resizeable="no" to the function, but how might I do it for the window already active?

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Jason Trout
You might be able to use a frameset set to like 99% and 1% or 100% and just set the resize to know...just a thought..
Hey thanks for your replies. Really the problem I was experiencing with the resolution was very insignificant and I perhaps had too high of ambitons. The site isn't really for the public, it's to be submited to a business competition at the state level and I was trying to make it as compatible as I possibly could. Come to think about it, I really wouldn't like that on other sites either.

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Jason Trout
Well, if you're giving this for a competition it'd suck to have a un rezieable page. Corporate companies prolly look for sites compatible widely, and the resize thing would be down point. I'd rather sacrific a bit on the looks to make it more acceptable.
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