preserving file order when burning CD


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I'm trying to burn a set of files to a CD and the order is important. It's a set of architectural plans and the order is important because the one who gets this CD will be printing the plans out frequently and it is important that they are printed out and bound together in the proper order. The problem is, every time I burn a CD, even though I set the file order manually, this order is overwritten whenever I open the CD on a new computer. It likes to order them alphabetically. For example, there are files a2-1, a2-2, a2-3, a2-4, a2-5, a2-6, a2-7, a2-8, a2-9, a2-10, a2-11, a2-12, and a2-13. This is the proper order, but when the computer orders them alphabetically, we get a2-10 through a2-13 coming right after a2-1 (i.e. the order becomes a2-1, a2-10, a2-11, a2-12, a2-13, a2-2, a2-3, a2-4, a2-5, a2-6, a2-7, a2-8, and a2-9). We can't have this. The person who gets this CD must see the proper order. I can't order them in the way I want with the options under view -> arrange icons by -> ... because this order is arbitrary from the computer's point of view. Even if I uncheck autoarrange and organize them manually, it doesn't preserve my order.

I need a way of preserving the initial order of files (and folders) when burning to a CD and opening it on different computers. Is there a way?

PS - I'm running Windows XP Media Center

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since files on computers are read like city streets meaning alphabetical and numbered low to high.. 1st i would change the folder veiw in a explorer window, change the veiw to list by name.

then put all the files in order in a folder the way they need to be placed, then select all...then right click and rename all with a H.

the computer will automatically rename them all for you. H1,H2 and so on.

then burn folder or files onto a cd...and presto.