Premiere Pro and Vegas crash when exporting?


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A few weeks ago I threw together an 8 minute video in Premiere Pro (all .mov files) and when I tried to export it, a little past halfway through the rendering process the program would crash. I tried many times and never found a solution. Vegas doesn't have a codec for the .mov files I was using so I couldn't edit it. Then, today I made a 3 and a half minute video of 1080p .avi files that I have edited before with no problem with much longer videos, and as soon as I begin the exporting process in Vegas it I'm now starting to believe the problem has naught to do with the program I'm using and moreso with my computer. Any idea what the issue could be? Get back to me ASAP, thanks


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What are the specs of your computer and operating system? It could be a shortage of hardware processing and using some demanding programs can use a lot of resources. You could also try compatibilty modes and see if it export your files right without crashes.