Predator Orion 3000 motherboard fail, fully working system


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Hey guys I was wondering what I can do to a failed motherboard system I was trying to upgrade from an RTX 2060 into a RTX 2080 but I forgot to unlatch the GPU which messed up the gpu aspect of the motherboard. Now I’m left with is $1400 desk stop in which I have to purchase a pro fire Terri motherboard from Acer for $160.

The easiest fix would be to buy a whole new system from Amazon or Newegg but I feel like I’m losing all the other hardware from the fully working system. After all, it’s only the motherboard that’s best.

Is there any place to sell these and take my lost or should I just rebuild it?
Looks like you have a very proprietary system and if you do not want to spend the $$ on a new boad you might be able to get a price on a used on on ebay. What part of the gpu slot did you break?
You can rebuild it with a new board, a new case that is standard and a standard power supply. You could probably reuse your cpu and memory but not sure about the heatsink used with that board. Those parts would most likely cost you more than the $160. to replace that board.
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Honestly if you can get a new board for $160. then that is your cheapest option unless you want to spend more on getting a standard system
yes, you can sell this board at ebay and other websites as well. if you want to rebuild the system then buy a new motherboard in cheap price and do your work on that system.
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