PPPoE and dual IP's

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ok im sorry this isnt hardware related but i saw nowhere else to put this.
i sell DSL for SBC ameritech (flame me if you want) and i had a question that my supervisors and even tech support baffled me on.
can a customer running DSL over PPPoE obtain 2 IP adresses at teh modem? you know so he can plug into a hub (not a router) and run 2 PC's simultaniously?? they tell me its impossible without a static IP which i think is bull poopoo. im really getting agitated as you might eb able to tell so someone throw out teh correct answer. like i said its PPPoE not DHCP which i am used to but maybe i just dont know the method well enough...
aah where did my post get moved to?
just tell me what forum to go to im not mad or anything i just wanna know where to look :)
Point To Point over Ethernet.
its a transmission method much liek other direct connection methods from what i understand (like DCCing or kazaa's p2p transfer)
the only logic anyone here at the office can conjur up was someone that told me since the DSL is obtaining a digital signal not analog like cable it has to be specified data sent thru the phone wire. but couldnt the DSLAM just specify obtain 2 IP's in the bootfile- even if they are obtained from the modem not supplied by the central offices' end? but yet you can still subscribe to a block of 5 IP's that are static (cant get only 2 btw you would have to get the 5 package and use up to 5 if you wanted to).
aah man if anyone knows of any good tech [support] jobs in central/syracuse NY let me know im so sick of SBC ameritech. especially sales i hate sales. :mad:
PPoe Sucks!

Okay okay, thought I would start with that. I have two locations running DSL and only one is set up the good way. We use Cisco VPN to get into our Corporate network at each of these sites.

The one site is set up to have up to four PCs on the network. each of these PCs can access the internet, but only one can use the actually IP address assigned to the DSL Modem.

THis is all controlled by the Caymen router we have in place to network these PCs. Only one of those PCs can use VPN at a time to access the corporate network.

The other location is setup using a Cisco 3000 VPN router ($815.00) This allows up to four Pcs to connect over the DSL connection using a hardware VPN on our corporate network. This thing kicks butt. No software required.

So the answer is that yes you can have more than one PC on a DSL network. I think that if you want two Actual IP addresses that you have to pay for the extra one through SBC or whomever.

Did that help?
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