powersupply or mobo????

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OK, its spring break and my #%@@@ computer isnt working. In the morning i turned on the computer and all is good. Then while on the internet the monitor turns off and the green led turns orange (as if it was in standby) then the cd rom lights go on and HD lights go on and it just sits there.

Nothing happens so i turn it off. Then as it is booting it does the EXACT same thing. Next boot it doesnt even get by the bios screen. If I leave the computer alone for like 2 hours I can come back and go on for like 8 min tops then as I reboot, the time decreaces until I cannot boot anymore. Please help first day of break!!!!

Windows XP professional
Ati 9700pro
512 2700ddr ram
330 watt powersupply
gigabyte 7vrxp 1.1
AMD Athlon 2100+ XP
80 gig IBM HD

NEVER had this problem and computer has been good forever. BTW its been 3 weeks since I installed new 9700 pro and its worked great since then.
It looks like the graphics card isn't getting enough power... remember that the card consumes about 45W, and you should have higher in reserve.
Looks like its ure psu. Like GeForce said, ure Graphics card might be suckin too much juice. Replace it with a 400 Watt.
You never know, I had a similar problem that took me forever to figure out. One day it completely stopped workign and I was pissed. Turned out to be leaky capacitor(s). Check your capacitors for leaks. Just a suggestion
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