Power On Issues???


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Hey guys. I have a bit of an issue. First off let, let me give you a summery of my rig:

Windows XP
AMD 64 Bit 3700 2.21GHz
2 Gigs of Ram
NVIDEA 7900 GT/GTO Video Card
ANTEC SmartPower 2.0 500W Power Sup.

My Problem is that when i power down my comp, all is normal, but when i go to power it back on, nothing happens. There is power to the Mobo because the LED is on. I figured out that if i power off the power supply by the switch, until the Mobo looses power, then turn it back on i can boot through the power button. It Sems to give a shock to the whole system and i dont want to keep doing this. I'm trying to figure out why it happened and if its the Mobo or power Sup.

Any input is greatly appreciated.
Thank You


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very interesting my guess would be that a capacitor that stored the current is dead somewhere,

so when you turn the power supply off the capacitor drains and then when its turned on again it works.

although that is a kinda guess i cant gurantee this.

have u checked to see if the case connector to the motherboard is on correctly ?


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Yup, everything seems to check out fine... Wasn't even thinking along the lines of a resistor. I am a Networking Major and it bugs me that i cant figure this out on my own. lol, well ill look into it and maybe someone else has had the same issue. Thanks man.

P.S. There is no issues with Restarting, Just with Powering off/on.