Potentially the longest thread in history...

Nothing like waking up to 58 Samsara notifications because a couple of teenagers decided to steal one of my technicians vehicles and go joyriding across Memphis. They started moving at 2:03am, picked up a friend, did donuts all over the place, and finally left the car behind a house around 5am.The dashcam got lots of good pictures and video so hopefully the cops can use them, not that a single one saw them during their three hours of mayhem.

I am sorry that happened to you all because teens wanted to have fun.
Nothing like waking up to 58 Samsara notifications because a couple of teenagers decided to steal one of my technicians vehicles and go joyriding across Memphis. They started moving at 2:03am, picked up a friend, did donuts all over the place, and finally left the car behind a house around 5am.The dashcam got lots of good pictures and video so hopefully the cops can use them, not that a single one saw them during their three hours of mayhem.

One more adition to the post is that my dad did that once years ago. He took a Rolls Royce for a joy ride at the age of 13 and the police were waiting for him when he came back and my dad learned his lesson.
Link: Move out of Blue cities now

Memphis, like a majority of larger cities is where it seems that crime is out of control. I read on line that they let criminals go without bail or any bond in many places now days.
I know and they tend to punish decent people and allow weirdoes and junkies on the street as though to say; Your a pillar of the community please commit more crimes sweeties and I will award you to a schollarship in collage. (Of course sarcastically speaking). Oh by the way junkies pick out a luxury home of your chioce :LOL:
Just got home from a week in Memphis. No bullet holes. Haha!

My coworker and I hit up The Rendezvous while we were there. Neither of us had been and we both have always wanted to go. The Rendezvous is known for their ribs so that's what I ordered, while my buddy ordered the brisket. We both had the slaw and beans as sides. The ribs were Memphis style, but the topside was thick with rub and dry, like they added more and run it under the broiler; it was good, but different. Honestly, I can make better but they were still worth the price. The brisket was really good and tender, but they put a thin sauce on it that had a good bite of heat that had my guy sweating... but he couldn't stop eating it. He even mopped it up with some bread.

All in all, I will definitely go back. If nothing else I was surprised by the price. I had the large place of ribs (eight bones), he had the brisket plate, and we both had Diet Cokes and the total was about 54 bucks, so rather reasonable for BBQ.

What pissed me off was the parking. $14 for a two hour pass. Shesh!
My mom and sis live in Kansas City Mo. Several years ago...well...maybe longer, on a visit they took us to this upper scale family type of restaurant in downtown KC. I've never had a dry rub rib dinner before that and it was delicious! I miss that because around here in Mich we can only get ribs soaked in a gooey sauce. Two years ago we tried to go to that same place but it was already booked up so we had to go someplace else. I wish I could remember the name of that place that we went to downtown. Parking was very tight but it was free
I made some ribs today... as well as some Firecracker brats and some Conecuh sausage. The sausages turned out great. The ribs were good but one rack was a little overcooked as it was smaller than the other; definitely still edible but I wasn't happy about it. Still, no one complained at supper.

For those who have not been introduced to Conecuh sausage, it is awesome. I go with their original smoked sausage version as it has a bit of a bite to it. My wife says it is hot but she hasn't tried their cajun or hot n spicy versions. Anyway, if you can find it then give it a shot. It is made in southern Alabama but I have seen it in stores in Cleveland, OH. Walmart carries it, as does Food Lion, Food City, and Publix locally.
Howdy folks, long time no see.

It's been a year and three months since I have been experiencing pain in my hands. Lots of diagnostic tests and I still don't have an actual diagnosis. The conclusion seems to be that it's most likely diabetes-induced small fiber neuropathy. It's weird though, as I have symptoms that I don't really find much evidence of on the internet being caused by small fiber neuropathy. Like when I use my thumbs, I experience pain in the base of the joints. Small fiber neuropathy typically causes sensitivity in your fingertips and burning or shooting pains if the damage is quite severe. But as far as I understand it, joint pain is quite unusual. I can't really find many people talking about it. But I've had x-rays, and I've had an ultrasound on every joint in my hand. They couldn't find anything actually wrong with the muscles, bones, or joints. So, I guess it probably is some kind of weird, rare nerve damage.

So yeah, that sucks. It took me a solid year to get my head around it and accept it, and then try to move on with my life. I was worried it might cost me my job, as that would mean I'd never be able to buy a house. All that stuff which was quite depressing felt like this problem had put my entire life on hold. But I've read a book on chronic pain management and how to be positive. I've learned how to make it through day-to-day life and achieve things. The book taught me to have a positive attitude and focus on my accomplishments rather than my failures. My default mental attitude for everything in life is to be cynical and expect the worst. It was quite a learning experience to snap out of those preconceived feelings I've had my whole life.

And secondly, and probably more importantly, I found this speech dictation tool made by a single guy in Sri Lanka. It's called SpeechPulse, and it has made my whole life so much better :ROFLMAO: I can't really find anyone else on the internet using it. This poor guy, bless his heart, has been writing this application and providing weekly, if not monthly, updates to it. It's been a couple of years now since he started on it, and honestly, it's just so good. It's based on the OpenAI Whisper voice language model, so the voice dictation is really accurate. The best part is: This application does not work via the API, but you can actually download the entire voice model. And it just loads into your RAM or VRAM, so it's only really suitable for people with high-end gaming PCs. As running this application uses approximately 4 gigabytes of RAM and 10 gigabytes of VRAM, but hey, that's not a problem for me, thank goodness. It has loads of features that many voice dictation applications don't have. You can tell it to replace certain words it picks up with others. You can create custom words that aren't in the English dictionary. You can program commands so that when you say something, it will be replaced with something entirely unique. And the best feature of all is that it lets you load in large language models as well, although small versions because I don't have 80 gigabytes of VRAM like you would get on something like an H100 GPU that they used to run large language models like ChatGPT. But what it means is that you can speak out a sentence, and the large language model will take what you've said and fix all the issues with it. So it will add capital letters to names and brands for example and it will add appropriate punctuation. You can create custom templates so that you can teach the LLM to edit what you're saying in various ways. Create templates for emails, for instance, to make your text more formal with a "Hi" at the start and "Regards" at the end, among other things.

So anyway that's my update. You can probably tell that this isn't written exactly as I would normally write, as I've been using the above software, which slightly rewrites everything I say using a large language model. So sometimes it comes across as a bit too formal, but it essentially allows me to speak page after page after page without making a single writing or grammatical error. The downside is it's not a 100% one-to-one representation of what I actually said, but that is 100x better than having to correct the usual voice dictation mistakes :love:

Hope you're all doing well. Hopefully I can visit here more often now that I can write and respond to messages easier.
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I have dealt with chronic back pain since I was 18, and various hand/wrist issues/pains for the past 10 years so I can kind of understand what you're going through. Not being able to do certain things with my children has taken its toll mentally, but I can agree that getting out of that depressive mindset is a real challenge. Hell, our youngest now is 2.5 years old and repeats what we say quite frequently. One of the things he is caught saying is "ow my back" a lot which is a result of my pains. Instead of looking at it negatively I just have to think positively or find it funny. It is good you are finding positivity and a way to express yourself outside of that though, and it's good to see another familiar name posting again.
Howdy folks, long time no see.
It's great to see you around, dude. You have crossed my mind quite often. It's awesome that you have found some tools to help you out, and I look forward to seeing you dropping in now and again.

Like PP, I live with pain as well. Bad knees, poor lower leg circulation, neuropathy, arthritis, etc in my case. While it sucks, you really only have two choices... keep on going or give up. I've never been one to just lay down when the going gets tough so I choose to keep going, and it sounds like you have as well.
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