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Its just the massive foldout screen. Battery life was pretty good just using the cover screen, but it tanked fast with the foldout screen in use… which is the whole point in the phone. I’m a heavy user and normally get 6 to 8 hours screen time on a typical day.

Ohwell, my 13 Pro Max arrived this morning. Holy wow it’s smooooth!
Apple cold be lying to you on your battery life?


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You also get free-tier of some Azure services - with some restrictions of course.
Yeah, and even some of their paid services have pretty attractive consumption based pricing. I've been using an Azure Logic App to control my Bastion deployment, it costs £0.000019 per action. My workflow has about 9 actions and I trigger it twice a day. So costs me about 1 or 2 cents a month :LOL: using Cognitive Services for a quick python based translator bot on my Discord server as well, 2 million characters free per month. I checked and the average message length was 35 characters, giving us about 57,000 messages per month. There are only a small handful of us on the server, we'd never get close even if every single message needed translating.
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