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Saylor will not be "full grown" as far as Newfoundlands go, because they do not reach full maturity until they are between 2 to 3 yrs old. Currently, Saylor (landseer newfie) in the background of that pic weights in @ 112 lbs.@ 1.5 yrs old. The breeder we got both dogs from told us that Libby will be bigger than Saylor, and you can compare the size and feet of your dog compared to Libby's.
Your pup may possibly be a mix of Great Dane/Pitbull and something else. Puppies with big feet and legs grow to be big dogs!
I am pretty sure our pooch has a bit of pit bull in her, for sure. Her bottom lip has the pittie wrinkles to it. I figure that and some hound/beagle. She's darn smart, that's for sure.


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The reason I asked about the Oujula Board is I seen them advertised on Amazon for as little as £15, I personally have never done one and even then I dont think I would. Stay away from that kinda stuff. It just seemed a bit out their that you could buy them off Amazon for so little given their reputation and I was just curious how you guys thought about it.


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Came in to work to find failed AC and a lab with an average temp of 52C :)

So one of my current responsibilities is that I manage our support lab which is three large racks of netsec devices and esxi servers, along with some shelves of APs and little routers and other bits and bobs - the team including me use that equipment to replicate customer issues.

The AC in there has been notoriously unreliable, with the circuit tripping every time the outside temp approaches much above 25C. Turns out this is because the AC is a 25A unit sitting on a 20A circuit.

Now, that's a relatively easy upgrade, but because the building manager wants to do a bunch of other upgrades to the electrics I have to wait until all that planning and quoting is done which has taken over a month now and will probably take longer.

That means I have to come in every day that it's hot to make sure I can turn the circuit back on to stop our lab dying from heat!


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In my experience, a circuit breaker that is constantly overloaded and tripped often will suffer a premature failure. Tempting fate like that usually means that it will catastrophically fail on the day it's needed most of all!

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Sounds like you need an electrician out there.
When I did HVAC work, GM has a transmission research center in Brighton, Mi. It's hidden out of ordinary sight and they require an escort be with you while your inside the building. We did maintenance on their roof top units and one was for their server room, It was a small room but had a large amount of servers in it and tons of wiring. About 12x12 feet. In those days I was not into pc's. Then, mid-80's to early 90's.
We went out there 4 times a year just to make sure everything is kept up and changed filters