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Subtitle: the Energizer Bunny thread since it keeps going and going and going...

Here's a thread that's sole purpose is to keep getting longer and longer and longer. You can post about anything and everything. Okay, ALMOST anything and everything (remember the rules for this forum)! Just keep this thread alive by posting. You can post after yourself up to 2 or 3 or even 4 times, but keep it kinda' reasonable.

There is no set topic in this thread and you can be Off Topic in this Off Topic thread and it can be hijacked to another subject without notice. Just keep it going.

So, without further ado, and with noclue (pun intended towards noclue), get to posting and posting and posting...

Dave :D
since its February i had a thought
when i was in school i always hated February because it was black history month
not that i am racist or anything but i HATED hearing the same stuff over and over again year after year

im sorry but there was alot of other things i would of liked to learn about instead of having to hear the martin luther king jr speech about 9 years in a row
my wife bought a yorkshire terrier puppy. his name is Chuy (lol cos he chus everything up lol lol) and he is cute. but, since i dont have any rats, he's also worthless.
Tell us more :)

thats about it lol

i think schools need to be more focused towards the real world
im having to do my own taxes right now and guess what??? i have no clue what i am doing

but i can tell you the plot to macbeth, and the process of translation/transfusion, but guess where that gets me??? no ****ing where

when i brought this up to my teachers they all saaid "well they make special business classes that should tell you more about taxes and what not"

Taxes is something everyone in this country (well legals) has to deal with, so why not make that something mandatory to learn?
now Biology had to of been the most worthless class ive ever heard of as 100% of my class could care less about it and will 99% likely never to use it again
so why not make that an optional class????
taxes are easy when you are young. form 1040EZ and your w2 and it takes about 5 minutes.
go to the post office and get the 1040EZ form and the booklet that goes with it. once you do it once and you will have it down.
when you start itemizing deductions, writing off student loan and mortgage interest, and trying to squeeze every drop of milk out of the government t*t...then it gets complicated.
Taxes is something everyone in this country (well legals) has to deal with, so why not make that something mandatory to learn?

I know what you mean, i got out of high school very clueless. Anything useful it seems i have to learn myself through experience.
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