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Hello everyone....

Here's my problem...

I was burning a dvd on my new computer a couple of hours ago. Then just when I opened the software WINDVD to watch a dvd (I swear :p)..., my screen went all weird, a bit like when there is no TV signal and the image is shifted and it moves from right to left or left to right (not the snow ;) ) , it was still possible to see things even if it was all shifted but it is nearly impossible to operate (moving the mouse arrow where you want is very hard).... Then, I hit ALT-F4 to close WINDVD and all went back to normal.....
I tried again to open WINDVD and this time even when I closed it, the weird shifting stayed..
I tried to reboot the computer, everything is normal until just after the Windows loading, when the Welcome label appears with the blue background, then the shifting appears again...
I tried with another screen, but instead of doing the shifting, the screen shuts down when the Welcome screen is supposed to appear...

Few things that might be related to the problem:
1) There was a storm outside
2) I don't use a surge protector (The only things pluged are the computer and the screen)
3)The screens are CRTs

So anyone has an idea of what might be the problem, the cause and/or a solution for the situation?

Thanks. :D
sounds like a damaged video card, if it was the monitor it would do that no matter what. could be that windows is damaged or the drivers, boot into safe mode and see if it still happens.
Ok I just tried it in safe mode and it's good.
Now I can either restore in a earlier configuration (with Windows' service) or do something else ....
How could it be the video card if everything looks fine in safe mode??
Shouldn't the screen always be weird if it was the video card?

Ok so I tried rebooting with with Windows< restore point
It didn<t change a thing.. So now, I will try to repair Windows..

Any other idea on what may be the problem?

I just tried repairing windows, but there is no administrator password and leaving it blank doesn<t work....
I<m clueless...
Sorry if this is considered spam or something but I<m really desperate, I tried all kinds of things, tried restoring to different dates, tried troubleshooting the display settings in safe mode, tried repairing windows...

If the display is good in safe mode, does it eliminate the possiblity of a video card problem?
What possible problems are left with the symptoms I stated..
Just so I know more specifically where to look, what to google...
Windows problems? windows driver? video card busted?

I dont know what to do if I cant fix it...


edit: something I havent said that might help helping me: if I play with the horizontal or vertical settings of the screen, it modifies the shifting, it changes its direction and I can even make it still, leaving only lines... It is still impossible to see correctly and to operate but maybe its a clue of some sort
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