Possibly building a home server


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I'm considering building a home server but I have no idea as to where I should start. Could someone please recommend me a build? I would prefer if it was from ncix.com and memoryexpress.com. I'd like to stay away from newegg as they're price gauging for shipping here in Canada but NCIX does price matches.

I would basically use it to backup my files, stream to my xbox and run downloads overnight.

This is what I've gotten so far, is it overkill or will it work just fine?
Case: Lian Li PC-Q08B

MOBO: Zotac H55ITX-A-E

CPU: Core i3-530

RAM: OCZ 2x2GB DDR3 1333

Hard Drives: Seagate 2TB SATAII

PSU: Can someone recommend me one please? I have no idea how many watts i'd need.


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If you'll only be using 1 hdd you could get something like this
http://ncix.com/products/?sku=42963&vpn=SYS-5015A-H&manufacture=SuperMicro just a little atom blade server, throw some ram and an hdd in it and you're good to go, also saves space. If you're just downloading stuff and serving media to your xbox the little atom inside will work just fine. These tiny boxes are also nice if you have a spare shelf in youre entertainment center. Also just a bit of advice (from experience) be wary of seagate drives unless they are from their .12 series, most others are plagued with failures and such (had 4 .11 seagate drives fail on me in a 1month period).


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Don't forget that depending on what OS you are going to use, there will be an extra cost.

Nice server though. Seems a little excessive for file storage to me.