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Hi, all..

I'm havinc troubles on a computer at work. I have Win2k pro sp3. Since yesterday, almost every program running on my machine fails to execute at some point giving me a waning like this: "The exe file is corruptes, possible virus." This also happens to my antivirus software so i have no idea what I'm dealing with.
Can you help?
have you tried restoring your system to a time before this thing happend? it can be done with system restore.
well when/if you get it working why dont you install windows to 2 directories (one for backup) but only if you have enough HDD space.
i had to use a backup to replace a corrupt DLL file about an hour before i posted this (C:\Windows\System32\Hal.dll) it wouldnt boot the original windows otherwise
i reccomend if you do want to take my advice and have XP/2000 you should at least have a 20 gig drive or if you have 95/98/me at least 10 gig , im not sure how much space NT takes up though
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