Possible Shortout of MOBO (looking for different one any ideas)

Hey guys, yea my motherboard may have shorted (sweeeet!)

anyways i was wondering if you guys would suggest maybe a different mobo, maybe a better one ... i also had an OC problem that might have been my mobo, thermal paste amount, or heatsink .. .not sure which but my AMD x2 4200 processor (stock 2.2ghz) wouldnt go past 2.4ghz without being stable, and i read on newegg reviews that guys get up to 2.8 ! , i was pissed.

Now we checked it with prime95 and everything and it said it was okay, but when i took my computer home i got a CMOS error and the thing wouldnt load BIOS or Windows. I believe its due to the OC, anyways i was wondering if so it be that my mobo shorted out that you guys would help me pick one(price not an option, but not extreme price), since you guys are all so kind enough to help me out alot :D . Anyways here's my specs and you guys tell me what a problem might be my OC. Thanks in advance gentlemen.



asus a8n5x mobo


AMD x2 4200


Zalman 7000